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Dyslexia is a very common problem

This particular problem impacts an individual’s ability to read, write or spell. Unlike most learning disabilities, dyslexia does not impact a person’s intelligence. How can a student suffering from dyslexia manage school? Let us discuss a few pointers that can aid a dyslexic pupil in school.

1. Homework

Make sure that you do all your homework. It will also help if you do your homework repeatedly for better understanding. If the homework requires reading, rehearsing prior to reading in class is always helpful.

2. Tutoring

It is always helpful if a student can hire a tutor who is already familiar with dyslexic student needs. The tutor will help you with the course work and assist in the assigned homework very well.

3. Management

If you are given a work which is very extensive like a thesis, it is better to distribute it into small components. The small portions will help you do the work a whole lot better and efficiently.

4. Psychology

Be your own psychologist and help yourself. Observe your daily coursework and homework, pin point the areas that you believe require extra help. After doing this step, approach your teacher for assistance. Teachers usually appreciate when they know about the special aid that a student requires. This will help you get the help that you want.

5. Seek Help Online

There are a lot of educational sites online that cater to dyslexic students. For example, if you are given the homework of doing an essay, all you have to do is go to the site and type “Help me write my essay.” The people on the other side of the screen will not only guide you, but will also lay the foundation for your work. It is like having a virtual tutor.

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