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How to Outline a Critical Essay?

The aim of a critical essay is to critically analyze and evaluate a piece of literary or scientific work such as articles, novels, movies, reports, case studies, etc.

Critical writing requires students to understand the text under analysis and ponder over the main issue and how it has been addressed by the author. You must figure out the goal of the original author and whether or not he was successful in achieving it.

Your goal, however, is to present the reader with enough information about the text under analysis so that they can form their own opinions and at the same time, provide them with your own understanding. Find a reliable essay writing company and enjoy free essays that will make your life so much easier.

In order to tackle critical essays, making them a slightly easier task, you must follow a logical outline.


· Background information about the work under analysis

· Highlight the original author's main ideas

· Thesis statement presenting your ideas about the work

Start your essay with an interesting information related to your topic. Mention the name of the original title and author’s name. Next, provide some background information to educate the reader about your topic. You can highlight the purpose of the work, the claims, and some details about the author.

Body Paragraphs

· Topic sentence

· Brief summary of the original work

· Critical analysis

· Evidence to support your analysis

There is no rule for writing the body of a critical essay, as it completely depends on the work you have chosen to study. However, there are some important parts that must be present such as the summary of the original work. For instance, when writing about a novel you can discuss what it is about, discuss the characters, setting, theme, plot, etc.

Another significant part is to analyze and present your evaluation. The goal isn’t to attack the writer and pinpoint what he did wrong or the things that you didn’t like. Stay objective and back your opinions with strong evidence.


· Restate the thesis

· Summarize the main points

· Call to action

End your essay by a brief summary of the main ideas discussed in the paper. Provide your opinion about the text, whether you agree with the author, what can be changed and the importance of the work done. Let the readers know whether or not you recommend them to read the original work.

If you are still confused about the writing process or need help developing an outline for your critical essay according to your topic, you can reach out to an essay writer free online. Being a student, I know the toll essay writing can take on your mind, especially when you get stuck during the writing process. Luckily, there are professionals available to help students like us with all of our essay writing problems.

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