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Why Connecting Words Are Important For Winning Essays?

When it comes to free essay writing service, it is very important to communicate ideas clearly. The author has to make use of transition words in the essay to make the reader go through each point and ideas conveyed in the paper. The responsibility of conveying clear thoughts in the paper lies in the hand of the writer and to achieve that connecting words also known as transition words paly an important role.

Transition words act as a bridge that establishes a connection between the paragraphs and sentences. In other words, these words and phrases help the reader to move from one idea to the next.

Transition Words Benefits

Allows the reader to move logically from one point to other

Establishes a connection between the essay paragraphs

Emphasizes on important relations

Improves the understandability

Transition Words Examples



In addition







In spite of




At this point

Mostly the connection words are placed either in the middle of the sentence, in the beginning, end or in between the paragraphs.

Without these connecting words, the reader might go into the state of confusion as the paper diverts him/her from the main argument that was discussed initially. If you are a student, the use of these connecting words will definitely help you score better because if the paper makes sense it will be easy for the reader to understand and acquire the main ideas discussed in the paper.

Final Words

Now you know the purpose of connecting words is to guide the reader along the path the writer develops in the paper. If you feel your paper lack these words and fails to develop a proper connection between paragraphs. Turn to an essay writing help free online, get help from a professional essay writer and learn how to place these words and phrases correctly in your paper.

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